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Less is More: Three tips < Change Orders

John Pawson home

Minimalists ask the question: How much can you strip away from an item — painting, sculpture, building, furniture — without losing its essential purpose and identity?

Your projects don’t have to look like John Pawson’s Home but applying a minimalist frame of mind to design and construction drawings can lead to a reduction in the number of change orders during the contract administration phase. Read More…

Architect’s role: Renaissance man or contract administrator?

As an architect do you sometimes dream that you are the modern day master builder, the renaissance man? Do you see yourself as the one person in charge of every aspect of planning and constructing a modern work of architecture?  Is it just like the movies where your creative inspiration and design will lead you to fame and fortune? A word of advice to the wise – keep these dreams a secret if you’re on a construction site.

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Substantial completion: It’s finished, right?


Substantial performance and seven important events

Think of all the paper and forms that you deal with daily on a construction project: change orders, meeting minutes, RFI’s, SI’s, certificates for payments, schedule of values, or submittals and shop drawings. So it’s understandable if the forms and paperwork lose some of their appeal and shine over the course of a project. Substantial performance is the light at the end of the tunnel for everyone, but certifying it requires an understanding of it’s significance to the architect, contractor and owner.

First, to make sure we are all on the same page, let’s define substantial performance. Read More…