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Process is the answer, now what’s the question?

Have you ever had to deal with:

  • Marking up a set of drawings, only to find out that really basic information is missing time after time; North arrows, references, sheet titles not matching the index page?
  • Each employee re-inventing the wheel or doing it their own way when it comes to contract administration forms? Everyone having their own special template or spreadsheet tracking system?
  • Looking for information on the office server, only to find out that it was saved locally on a personal computer and that the employee is not around when you need it?

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Shop drawing review – contractor essential

Florida Polytechnic ConstructionSometimes there is a bit of anxiety on the part of consultants on how far to go in the review of a shop drawing. This anxiety can be reduced by understanding a little bit of the purpose and intent of shop drawings along with the responsibilities of the contractor in the process. Read More…

Your project quality depends on these three types of submittals

aluminum doorsSo what is a submittal? Are they the dreaded shop drawings that require a young architect to red line and copy one set of notes onto six sets of drawings? Take this short quiz to test your submittal knowledge (match the number on the left with the corresponding letter on the right).

  1. Informational Submittal                         a) Erosion control plan
  2. Close out & Maintenance Submittal      b) Color sample chip
  3. Pre-Construction Submittal                   c) 30 day Concrete Strength Test
  4. Action Submittal                                    d) Addendum #1

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Three essential tips for managing shop drawings


Often, what makes architectural design stand out are the little details. For example, one small place to splurge might be the front door hardware.  What if you specified a beautiful custom made Rocky Mountain Hardware entry set and knocker? Be careful! If you happen to take your eye off the ball for a minute and those door hardware shop drawings are late or never submitted the design is going to suffer. The GC might insist that they were provided, but what can you do if there is no transmittal to record the transactions? Pray that you don’t end up having to get something off the shelf at the local hardware store and end up losing the true value of what was specified, for a major design disappointment. See our following three tips to help you manage and keep your shop drawing process organized.

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