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Contemplation before certification

Bus Man MedCertifying a payment should not be a mindless rubber stamping of a contractor’s progress claim. Instead, it should be a contemplative process where you step back, take a breath and think! Believe it or not, certifying a payment requires time to contemplate on the Project Drawings, specifications, contracts, schedule of values, site visits, change orders, and the arithmetic. It is a holistic process that brings together many aspects of the project. Read More…

God is in the details – SOV

god-is-in-detailsSo how do you objectively evaluate and approve a progress claim that is accompanied with a schedule of values that contains broad categories such as concrete, windows and doors, or my favourite general requirements.

How do you know doors and windows are 50% complete? If there is only one dollar value for all doors and windows in the project, you don’t know how much the doors are versus the windows versus the hardware.  (Hopefully the hardware doesn’t cost as much as the door.) Or even the difference between the exterior doors or interior doors. These questions are a must, that you really need to ask the contractor right at the start before certifying any progress payments. Read More…

Organized change: change orders to requests for information


Early in my career I felt that organization would destroy my creativity. Whereas now, I feel the opposite. Discipline is the foundation that allows you to be creative” – Verna Gibson

No matter what anyone says, chances are pretty good that there will be changes in a Project, and that at the end of the day it will cost more.  So you want to be sure that you have up to date and organized records of any changes and or issues that arise during construction. This will help to prevent finger pointing at the end of the project, and assist in settling any disputes that may arise. Read More…