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Black Sheep – Change Directive

Black Sheep

It’s a pretty good chance that your construction project is going to encounter changes, and that you are familiar with the “Change Order (CO)” process but on the odd occasion a “Change Directive (CD)” may be required, do you know the difference?  Test your knowledge, which of the following statements below are true –

A Change Directive…

  1. is issued by the Owner
  2. does not need the Contractor‘s agreement to proceed
  3. price can be determined by the Consultant in event of a disagreement
  4. all of the above

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Site Photos with Purpose

A good Photograph is knowing where to stand – Ansel Adams

How many times have you taken site photos and then back in the office you realize that the photos are missing parts of the room, details or some other information you desperately need that minute!  Have you ever sent a junior on site to take progress photos, but when you see them it’s obvious that the photos won’t be of much help to certify that progress claim.  Great shots of the footing, but what about the rest of the building?  Here are a few suggestions that will help to improve the process of taking better site photos. Read More…


Cash Allowance 1

You are designing a renovation to an Airport Departures terminal, and a constant problem in the design process has been the excessive amount of time required to obtain approvals and finalize details from the many stakeholders in the project that includes Airport Authorities, Security Agencies, Airlines and many others.  You are behind schedule, the tender deadline is nearing and the design for the Ticketing counters is still in progress.  It doesn’t look like you are going to obtain review and approval  to proceed in time to make the deadline.  What do you do?  Postpone the tender? This is a case where a Cash Allowance may come to your rescue.  Read More…

Your Project Quality depends on these 3 types of Submittals

aluminum doorsSo what is a submittal? Are they the dreaded shop drawings that require a young architect to red line and copy one set of notes onto 6 sets of drawings?  Take this short quiz to test your submittal knowledge (match the number on the left with the corresponding letter on the right).

  1. Informational Submittal                         a) Erosion control plan
  2. Close out & Maintenance Submittal      b) Color sample chip
  3. Pre-Construction Submittal                   c) 30 day Concrete Strength Test
  4. Action Submittal                                    d) Addendum #1

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